Karmkand Anusthan

Karmkand Anusthan :

Karmkand is a vaidic spiritual term which means divine device some spiritual performances to avoid suffering from misfortune and make favorite situation.

This is made with by resisting mantras write from Vedas and puranas. Fore ever, under going with misfortune and hardness in his life may resort karmkand and could get rid from the misfortune and the karm kand is only performed the expert pandit in accordance to the method maintained in shastras.

It is the only way to get rid from calamity of any kind of unfavorable situation. So Karmkand make performed an exact could give lot of happiness and wealth.

The Following are the basic rituals that you can get done by Pandit Omkar mani is:

Jatak Ke 16 Sanskar

Grah Shanty

Maha Mritunjaya Anushtan

Gayatri Maha Yagya

Rudra Chandi

Durga St Chandi